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Car Rider Procedures

In order to ensure the safety of John Hanson students, the following procedures for car riders are in place. All parents/guardians of students who are car riders at John Hanson must abide by the following:

  • Please mark your child’s emergency card as a car rider.
  • At dismissal, students will wait in the classroom until the announcement is made for all car riders to report to the ramp by the gym. Car riders are the first students dismissed.
  • Students needing an early dismissal need to be picked up in the office by 2:30, otherwise, students will need to be picked up at 3:05 from the car rider line.
  • Parents may not pick up other children without prior written notification that has been approved by administration.
  • Parents must enter and exit the middle entrance at John Hanson both in the morning and afternoon.
    • In the morning, students should be dropped off by the gymnasium in order not to interfere with bus traffic. Please follow the lanes outlined by the cones. Cars are not permitted to pass when dropping off their students. Please have your child ready to get out of the car to keep the flow of traffic running smoothly. Cars should loop around in the parking lot to exit the same way they entered.
    • In the afternoon, once buses begin dismissing, all car rider traffic will be held until the last bus leaves the parking lot.
  • Please be watchful of other students in the parking lot and possible walkers coming to and from school.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children safe.